Stump Grinding

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Stump Grinding

CNY Tree Service Does Stump Removals

CNY Tree Service LLC does work for homeowners, tree contractors, golf courses, building contractors or anyone who may need one or more stumps removed. Large or small stumps, we have the equipment that can get the job completed. Same day service may be  available. We also have the ability to remove the entire stump so you can plant in the same area. Most stumps are ground to a depth of 6 inches so top soil and grass seed can be planted and the memory of the tree forgotten.

Stump grinding is a very technical procedure and should always be taken seriously and with safety first at all times. Pets, wild animals, children, onlookers, underground utilities and air borne debris are just a few considerations that apply when using heavy equipment to grind a stump. Using our trained professionals, insures that safety is always practiced and since we are bonded and insured, you are protected and have peace of mind and confidence knowing the job is being done right.

Stump grinding produces saw dust, a lot of it, which can be used as mulching material in other areas. This helps recycle the tree, reduce mulching costs and removal fees. Generally, the ground will sink a few inches where a stump has been removed because of the stump grinding activity. It is best to allow a good rain to help the area reseat and then apply topsoil and grass.


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