Storm Damage

Storm Damage Tree Service Company Serving the Southern Tier of NY and Northern Pennsylvania with professional tree services.

24/7 Storm Damage Service

In the Southern Tier of New York and all around Northern Pennsylvania, a

Storm Damage

CNY Tree Service has a 24hr Emergency Storm Damage Service

severe storm can pop up at any time. Storm damage often includes uprooted trees, tree limbs through the roof, tree smashed vehicles, and fallen or hanging broken limbs. At CNY Tree Services LLC, we’ve seen it all. Our emergency team works around the clock to restore your home and prevent further damage. Our professional tree removal service will help clean up these situations in a hurry. We can assess and photograph to help you file a timely, accurate insurance claim.


In an emergency we are always ready. We work tirelessly, putting in long days and nights in order to help the maximum number of people in the shortest amount of time.

Storm Damage

The right equipment for storm damage

We usually start out with our crane to get the trees off of and out of houses, tarp the roofs and move on. We then return at a later date to perform clean up.

We don’t over charge nor do we cause more damage through carelessness. We have gotten many unsolicited referrals from insurance adjusters because of our reputation for cost effective safe crane work.

We have lifted BIG trees off of houses, several trees off of houses, even trees on top of trees on top of houses. If a storm hits, we can help you no matter how bad it is

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