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Winter Tree Removal | A Good Idea?

Winter Tree Removal

Winter Tree Removal

Though the trees are lit for Christmas in the Southern Tier, it’s not the only tree in the needing attention during the winter season. Winter tree removal includes ice storms that may have damaged trees and left them unsafe. Waiting until spring may not be an option.

Homeowners shouldn’t neglect their landscape just because the weather turns chilly. Tom says it’s a great time of year to take care of tree removals.

Winter Tree Removal

Winter Tree Removal May Be Required After an Ice Storm.

“The harder ground helps to limit the collateral effect of heavy limbs and debris,” he says. “Trimming for structural clearance is another highly requested service during the winter season. Evergreen pruning, in general, is optimal this time of year.”

During or even toward the end of the winter season, have a professional tree service company asses and fix any damage that may have occurred. It’s also the best time to prune trees with “reduced cold hardiness.”

Looking for a Southern Tier tree service company to help with your winter tree removal projects? Call CNY Tree Service LLC to help with your assessment.