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How to Hire a Tree Service Company

Hire a Tree Service Company

There are a few things to keep in mind when you want to hire a tree service company for your tree removal  needs.

First off, don’t be fooled into hiring just anybody who might show up on your doorstep with a chainsaw in hand and a cheap quote for tree work.  It the tree service industry, cheaper does not mean better.  Removing trees safely requires a skilled hand and a very responsible individual.

Secondly, be cautious of tree service companies that require you to pay upfront before doing any work,  as well as tree care companies that do not offer free estimates for their tree services.  It is important to insist on an estimate for the tree work and to get in writing exactly how much the job will cost and what it will consist of.   For example, if you are getting an estimate for tree trimming or pruning, the estimate should include exactly which limbs will be removed, etc.  If the work is to be done on a specific tree that is highly visible, or special to you in some way, you must be sure to communicate that clearly so that any tree work performed on the tree does not injure the tree.  To do this, request that all tree professionals use ropes or aerial lifts to reach high limbs instead of climbing spikes which can cause damage to the tree’s cambium.

Tree work can be dangerous.  Make sure that the tree service company that you work with is fully insured for your safety.  This should be of top priority when selecting a tree company.  A  professional tree care service will not have a problem showing their certificates of liability, insurance papers and proof of workman’s compensation insurance.  It is not a bad idea to call the insurance company and ask for further verification of the tree company’s insurance policy.  They can also verify that the insurance policy is current.

Another important thing to consider when you hire a tree service company, is the level at which the tree company is prepared to deal with delicate situations such as tree limbs that have grown over into telephone wires that lead to your house.  A highly experienced tree service company will know how to remove these limbs properly and safely.  Professionally trained tree technicians have knowledge in splicing wires that have been damaged due to an invasion of tree limbs.  They also know how to properly use ropes to remove limbs growing near wires so that they will not fall on the wires and cause further damage.

Many large and highly professional tree service companies are equipped with a staff of trained tree technicians that are able to repair simple cable or telephone wires that have been cut.  However, tree companies will not resplace an electrical service cable.  Your electric company will need to be contacted in the event that your electrical service cable is cut.  This is due to the fact that the transformer must be shut down in order for the cable to be fixed.  This may require a brief power outage in your house as well as your neighbors.  Additionally, an electrician may be necessary if there is any damage at the masthead of the cable where the cable is attached to the house.

Last but not least, do your homework.  Ask friends and relatives of their experiences with tree service companies.  Ask your neighbors if they know anyone who might recommend a high quality tree service company.  When a person has a good experience with a tree care company, they don’t soon forget it.  That is the tree company that successfully removed the dead tree before it fell on your house, or promptly responded after a strong storm caused a lot of damage to your trees.  In the same way, people don’t forget bad experiences either and they will let you know if a tree company ruined their lawn, broke their window or cut down the wrong tree.  It pays to enquire.  Good tree service companies will have lots of good references.  Ask to see them.

Make sure you feel good about a tree service company before hiring them.  You will be glad you did, and so will your trees!