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What if I have an emergency tree issue?

Emergency Tree Issue

CNY Tree Service defines an emergency tree issue as:

  • A tree or limb, which is in a position to cause immediate harm to people, pets and/or personal property
  • A tree that has fallen and caused a situation where the fallen tree if not removed will continue to cause further harm to people, pets and/or personal property.




  • A tree that has come down and punctured a roof.
  • A tree that has come down and has landed on utility lines.
  • A tree that has snapped and is hung-up where people, pets or personal property may become harmed by the part of the tree coming free and traveling the rest of the way down.

If you are experiencing a emergency tree issue, please state this clearly when first making contact with CNY Tree Service – Contact Us and describe your tree emergencies; we will discuss any needed attention right away and you may possibly jump to the front of the priority line.